Quality / Certifications

Sunglasses lenses VAGANZA

VAGANZA lenses are designed in diamond cutting tools to minimize distortion of eye-catching image.

Genuine VAGANZA glasses have lenses that block 100% UVA, UVB, and noxious blue lights. They also protect against the reflected (polarized) sunlight, which bounces on horizontal surfaces. This reduces eye fatigue, offering greater comfort in sight. All VAGANZA polarized lenses are not the same as there are different qualities, from simple lens (P) to that incorporating more features such as hydrophobic coating in oils for easier cleaning and color enhancement which increases color resolution and enhances contrast.

In addition to eye protection, VAGANZA's original lenses have increased collision resistance compared to simple lenses. This has been achieved as the lenses of VAGANZA's sunglasses have undergone a specific chemical cure procedure.


VAGANZA's sunglasses are made in accordance with the European Union (CE mark) specifications and with lenses that offer 100% UVA and UVB protection (UV 400 or 100% UV Protection)

Warning for Imitations

Recently, we have come to our attention after complaints about the imitation of our house's sunglasses.

VAGANZA makes every effort to withdraw dubious quality sunglasses that bear brand identifiers or are copies of our models and are likely to be dangerous to the eyes of their users.

If you have purchased our sunglasses and are unsure of their authenticity, please send us the details of the point of sale (address or website) and photograph of your eyeglasses at . The provision of your personal information is optional and the confidentiality is guaranteed.