Broken Sunglasses?

A pair of sunglasses, even VAGANZA, remains an accessory, a disposable product that is vulnerable to an unfortunate moment that the owner will experience.

The surveys we have carried out have documented that 7% of our customers are destroying their glasses at their own fault within the first year of their purchase. The percentage may seem large, but the figure for the whole market is 12%.

Destruction for a pair of sunglasses is a lawmaking consequence that will happen to all of us sooner or later (unless we lose them first!)

We have sunglasses with us everywhere and an accident does not count when we bought them. A fall on a hard surface, putting them in the seat of the car before sitting on them, a ball that escaped the racquets on the beach, a series of believable but incredible (until you hear them) incidents can lead to their destruction.

What if this misfortune occurs, say, in 1 month from the market or in 1 week or even worse in 1 day?

The same investigations show that the client is experiencing disputes that are disproportionate to the value of the glasses that were destroyed and that the destruction of his glasses was his fault due to the misfortune he experienced, 1 in 2 times did not choose again the sunglasses of the house that had been destroyed .

At VAGANZA our goal is for all our customers to be happy to choose and enjoy their glasses until they come back to our shops or eshop and buy their next couple.

So for the first time on a global scale, VAGANZA has decided to become the first company to offer a warranty of liability!

How does it work

If within 6 months of buying a pair of sunglasses of our house you break your glasses, scratch a lens or general conspiracy at your own fault wear, you just give it back for recycling and we give you a 20 € voucher for your next purchase.

Terms and conditions

Return the broken couple to us so that with the disassembly method we can recycle it.

Order online or if you bought from a physical store to complete the warranty form at your purchase.